Prepping & Paper Conservation:

At this first stage the poster is layed out to assess its state and what it needs in order to be mounted.  We remove any present tape and markings on the back.  If it is showing signs of extreme acidity/staining, it can be soaked and/or bleached in our special bath to help remove staining and other impurities, and help buffer down the acidity level before mounting.



This is the main part of our process, before restoration.  Posters are mounted on a high quality artist canvas with a layer of strong acid free, archival paper.  We use our own paste mixture with de-acidifying and de-molding agents.  This process helps to flatten and stabilize the paper from further deterioration, and provides a support for further restoration.  The linen-backing process also helps to make the poster sturdy for handling and framing.


 Piece-In and Color Retouching:

We can patch in any missing sections of the poster with our stockpile of matching vintage paper.  Then we employ a variety of archival and acid free color retouching methods.  Our modus operandi is to be the least intrusive as possible, to achieve a high level of quality restoration while appearing as though we've never been there.  All of this is to help restore the poster to it's original luster.  However, every client has their own aesthetic with how far they want the restoration to go, and how much of the patina to leave intact.  We can talk with you to figure out your specific concerns on each piece.



Re-lining is the removing of an old backing on a poster.  There have been many different methods and materials of linen-backing over the years, some reversible and some not.  After inspection and assessment, we can safely remove an old damaged backing to get the poster ready for a fresh mount.



We use a mild bleaching agent to remove staining, which helps to remove excessive staining, and adds vitality to the print without diminishing the color.  Posters are then thoroughly washed and rinsed.  This process should only be used in extreme cases of staining that seriously detract from the beauty of the poster.  While generally easy on the print and color, it can sacrifice a bit of the integrity of the paper.



Here are many of the common sizes and their prices for linen-backing. Restoration is a separate hourly charge.  We offer a 10% discount for orders of 5 or more posters.  Please feel free to call for an estimate on pricing for your specific posters.



Grande - 47x63 $145

Half Grande - 47x32 $100

Moyenne - 32x24 $85


2 sheet - 39x55 $145

4 sheet - 55x77 $245


1 sheet - 27x41 $85

3 sheet - 41x79 $215

6 sheet - 81x81 $600


36x51 $105

Restoration $60/hr. with a $10 minimum.

Re-lining $50/hr.


Accepted methods of payment are cash, check, or credit card payments through Square or Paypal.  

We ship your finished restored posters delicately rolled and packed in a sturdy tube, with a detailed invoice/receipt for all work done in the studio.  

Below are the common pricing abbreviations you will see on your invoice:

mt-linen backing

pi-piecing in

T-tape removal


tu-color retouching